About Imagine8
Imagine8’ vision is to creatively procure, brand and distribute promotional items to everyone with a need. Through educating people in the use and application of promotional items and by providing the best value for money proposition possible.

Transparent Pricing
At Imagine8 we endeavour to provide you with the very best pricing within the industry, making your promotion as affordable as possible. Easy to follow quotations are provided prior to production, ensuring clarity for our clients without any painful little surprises’.

Mutually Beneficial Relationships
Imagine8 embraces and actively encourages mutually beneficial relationships with its clients. We are extremely proud to continue to enjoy working with clients that have formed the very core of the Imagine8 family for many years. See our testimonials.

Preferred Supplier status
Imagine8 is privileged to be a preferred supplier to numerous organizations within Australia. Blue Chips, SME’s and agencies alike have come to include Imagine8 as an integral part of their creative team.
Imagine8 is a company with strong links into the local community. We are proud to support Bear Cottage (www.bearcottage.chw.edu.au) and the wonderful work that the charity undertakes for both the families and the children within its care.
Terms and Conditions

1.    All orders placed by the Customer, now and/or in the future are bound by these Terms and Conditions provided. Imagine8 Group may change these Terms and Conditions without notice.
2.    Before placing an order, Imagine8 Group shall provide a quotation for the supply of the requested goods.
3.    Artwork shall  be supplied by the Customer in a form as advised by Imagine8 Group.
4.    For large orders Imagine8 Group will provide pre-production samples free of charge. For small orders, pre-production samples are recommended, but will be supplied at the Customer's cost. Imagine8 will advise as to whether any particular order is a large or small order.
5.    The Customer should take great care in order to ensure that they are ordering the correct size, quantity, branding etc.
6.    The Customer acknowledges that:
       Production advertised on Imagin8 Group’ website, catalogues and/or other promotional material may become unavailable, out of stock or discontinued lines, or changes (of a style nature) may be made from time to time. Imagine8 Group does not guarantee that all products are in stock or available at the time of order, or that, if the product is available, it is identical to the advertised product.
     While all effort is made to match PMS colours it is not always possible to match PMS colours exactly due to differing branding processes and techniques and different product material.
     It is not always possible to deliver exact quantities if product ordered due to availability, quality control and time constraints and Imagine8 Group reserves the right to supply quantities plus or minus 5% of quantity of any product ordered and the price payable by the Customer shall be adjusted accordingly.
o    Additional costs/charges will apply to "rush orders".
7.    Imagine8 Group requires payment at the time of order unless other arrangements are made in writing between Imagine8 Group and the Customer which may include the Customer Satisfactorily completing a Credit Application Form and having a satisfactory credit rating and on such other terms as Imagine8 Group may from time to time specify.
8.    Imagine8 Group may suspend or cancel any order if the Customer is in breach of payment terms.
9.    In the event of payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) merchants fees will be oncharged to and payable by the Customer - Visa, Mastercard - 2.5%, American Express - 3.5%.
10.    Freight and/or handling charges apply to all deliveries and are payable by the Customer.
11.    Until the Customer has paid all sums outstanding in relation to any goods supplied, title to the goods shall not pass from Imagine8 Group to the Customer.
12.    Orders cannot be cancelled except upon terms which compensate Imagine8 Group for all work done and costs incurred by Imagine8 Group to complete the order to the date of cancellation.
13.    Orders cannot be amended except upon term as stated by Imagine8 Group which will include payment for any additional work or expense caused by reason of such amendment.
14.    Goods may be returned if faulty. The Customer must inspect the goods supplied by Imagine8 Group within 14 days of delivery and any claims must be made in writing within that period and no claim shall be made by the Customer outside that period.
15.    Unless expressly set out herein, all implied warranties and conditions in relation to any supply by  Imagine8 Group are expressly excluded (unless such warranties cannot at law be excluded). However, Imagine8 Group shall, if reasonably possible, pass on to the Customer the benefit of any manufacturers' warranties.
16.    To the fullest extent permitted by law, except as provided herein, Imagine8 Group shall not be liable to the Customer for any loss or damage (direct or consequential) of any kind arising out of the supply of goods and services. Liability for a breach of a condition or warranty implied by Division 2 of Part V of the    Trade Practices Act, 1974 is hereby limited to:
       In the case of good, any one or more of the following:
       The replacement of the good or the supply of equivalent goods
       The payment of the costs of replacing the goods or of acquiring equivalent goods
       In the case of services:
       The supplying of the services again
       The payment of the cost of having the services supplied again
17.   Imagine8 Group will not be liable for any loss, damage or expense suffered or incurred by the             Customer where such loss is occasioned by cause beyond Imagine8 Group’ reasonable control & delays in transport, breakdowns in machinery, the inability or failure of a supplier to supply goods or product, natural disasters, acts of God.