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Promotional products are a successful and tangible adverting and branding tool. The information below

outlines the effectiveness when executed well. 

Spend less, achieve more and remind people about the benefit of doing business with you: 
    52% say their impression of a company is more positive after receiving a promotional product.
    76% recall the name advertised on the product. 
•    55% keep the item for more than one year.
•    Nearly 50% of recipients use them daily.
•    52% of people do business with a company after receiving a promotional product

Promotional Products in the Home:


•    How many people have at least one promotional product in their kitchens?  91%
    How many have 2 or more in their kitchens?  81%
•    In fact, the kitchen is the #1 place people use and keep their promotional products
•    (People spend on average 3-5 hours a day in their kitchens)

 Promotional Products in the Office:

•    How many people have at least one promotional product in their offices? 
•    74%
•    How many have 2 or more in their offices?  59%
•    In the work place, more than half of people hold onto
•    their promotional product from 1 to more than 4 years. 

•    71% of business travellers surveyed at an international airport recently reported having received a  promotional product in the last 12 months.
•    Moreover, 33.7% of this group had the item on their person. The item was promoting the givers logo repeatedly to the participant and their associates.
•    56% of people kept their promotional product for more than one year.
•    76.4% said they kept their promotional product because it was useful.
•    76.1% of the respondents could recall the advertisers name on the product they have received in the last 12 months
•    In comparison, 80% of participants answered yes to reading a newspaper or magazine in the last week but only 53.5% of them could recall the name of a single advertiser.    

Promotional products, properly implemented, have a longer physical and mental retention value than many ‘above the line’ advertising methods for less cost.  Cross compare to TV & Print.

How effective are Promotional Products?

•    75% of Human Resource mangers surveyed are using promotional products in recognition programs.
•    72% of marketing and HR managers say that promotional products are very effective in motivation and retention of staff. 
•    100% of advertisers said that adding a promotional product returned a favourable response to their campaign. 
•    69% of advertisers said promotional products increased brand interest and 84% it created more favourable impressions of the brand itself.

Source: APPA – Australasian Promotional Products Association

Merch Articles


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10 Perfect Gifts For Your Customers

By: Jackie Garaton


As a business owner, you are always looking for ways to show your customers that you truly

appreciate their business. We’ve searched high and low and found 10 items that your

customers will surely love!


1) Pens- 

Everyone uses pens and just about everyone carries them around. They come in all sorts of

designs and colours and you can find a pen for almost every type of business. Imprint them

with your info and there you go, an easy way to say "Thank You" to your loyal customers or

to even a first time buyer.


2) Bags- 

With the eco-friendly way of living becoming the popular choice of lifestyle, be convinced that

your customers will love to be given an eco-friendly grocery tote or tote bag. Both men and

women can enjoy these bags for their everyday use and will always have your business info

everywhere they go!


3) T-shirts-

Shirts are fun gifts to give anyone in your life, especially customers. Imprint them with your

information and logo and let them advertise for you just buy wearing the gift that you gave


4)Key chains-

Gift your customers with a gift for their keys. Key chains come in all shapes and sizes and

can have multi-purpose functions. Your customers will love having your company’s info at

the palm of their hands, literally!

5) Stress Relievers- 

Give your customer the ultimate gift of stress release. Stress relievers help relieve people of

unnecessary stress from work, school, or everyday life. Customers will appreciate this

thoughtful and relaxing gift. 

6) Mouse pads- 

Everyone loves an accessory for their computer, so you can be sure that the customers in

your life will appreciate this practical gift. They can use it at work, home, or school, which

makes mouse pads a practical gift.


7) Frisbees-

Who doesn’t love passing the Frisbee around on a sunny day? No one that I know, which is

why the Frisbee has made the list as one of the 10 best gifts that your customer will sure

enjoy! They come in mini sizes and full sizes so give the gift of FUN to the people that have

made your business succeed.


8) Stubby-

Stubbies have made the hearts of almost everyone in America. Nothing like a bight coloured

stubby to keep our can drinks cold on any day. They come in a rainbow of colours and can

even be imprinted with you logo or business info.

9) Notebooks/Jotters-

Jotters can make perfect gifts because they come in various sizes and materials. People can

use them for their shopping lists or keep them in their purse for a quick paper fix. They can

even come in an eco friendly material to keep the gift earth friendly.


10) Mugs-

To round out our list if perfect gifts, we have chosen mugs. Travel mugs, ceramic, mugs,

tumblers, water bottles, your customers will love any of them. Your customers will use them

on a daily basis and will always keep you in mind when drinking their cup of coffee in the

office or carrying it at the gym for water. Mugs are a guaranteed hit!


These gifts can work on anyone that you would like to say "Thank You" too. They are fun

and practical and your customers will feel like family when presented with one of these great

items! I know I would!

10 Promotional Products For Less Than A Pound

By: Paul Beirne


Promotional Gifts cover a vast array of products that range from small promotional items

such as budget keyrings or cheap plastic pens up to expensive items such as Television

sets or cameras. This article gives you 10 great ideas for items that cost less than £1.



1 Promotional Pens


There are thousands of cheap plastic pens available for less then £1. The vast majority of

these pens look great, feel very comfortable to write with and have lots of branding room. It

matters not whether the promotion is for kids or adults branded pens will always be



2 Promotional Keyrings

There are few items that get so much use than promotional keyrings. They come in all

shapes and sizes and there are even metal keyrings or torch keyrings that come in well

under £1. If you consider how many times a day you use your keys and consequently see

the logo or message on the keyring it adds up to thousands of view a year. When you

consider how inexpensive they are it works out at an amazingly low cost per view.


3 Promotional Bags

Promotional Bags are a great way to literally get your logo or message out onto the street.

These excellent business gifts usually have large printable panels on both sides and in the

case of promotional sports bags on the ends also. Promotional tote bags or even

Promotional Cotton Shopper bags are available in Eco friendly materials to give your

promotion an extra benefit


4 Promotional Paper products

Promotional Desk Pads or memo blocks are extremely popular these days especially when

filled with recycled paper. Sticky notes or promotional post it notes are useful both in the

home and in the office. Prices for any of these products is well below £1 so this type of

promotional items is very cost effective.


5 Promotional T-Shirts

It is even possible to purchase a reasonable quality white Promotional T-shirt for less than

£1 if you happen to be lucky and have an in-house screen printer near you. It may not even

require you buy in very large quantities as many printers now hold blank T-shirts in stock. In

tough economic times it's always worth bargaining with your supplier.


6 Promotional Coasters

Available in many materials the promotional drinks coaster makes an excellent business gift.

For run of the mill office or home locations a plastic coaster is ideal and looks great with a

printed design. For a more upmarket look a substitute leather coaster screen printed or hot

foiled block works fine. The top of the range is the leather promotional coaster which has a

real look and feel of quality.


7 Promotional Mousemats

Every office and almost every home has a computer so Promotional Mousemats make great

business gift giveaways. They are available in hard top full colour versions or in soft feel

textile styles. It is even possible to have special die cut shapes made for a budget of less

than £1.


8 Promotional Fridge Magnets

How many times a day do you or your family open the fridge door? Most fridges have at

least a few fridge magnets stuck on the door so they make excellent promotional gifts. They

are available in range of styles and materials. The magnetic photo frame is probably the

most popular. Your less than £1 budget will also stretch to a 3D magnet which opens up

great opportunities for creative designs


9 Promotional Calculators

Everybody needs a calculator at some time either at home or in the office. A £1 budget is

plenty and will give you a choice of dozens of different colours and styles. Many calculators

now include extra functions such as currency calculators or data memory banks.


10 Promotional Clocks

There is a wide range of Promotional clocks available for less than £1. In addition to the

more usual desktop clocks you can buy wall clocks, compact travel alarms and more quirky

types of clocks that wrap around your computer. These items make great business gifts

because they remain firmly in front of your client all day.

10 Reasons To Give Conference Gifts

By: Gareth Parkin


Conference gifts are popular among all types of businesses. They are mainly used in mega

corporate events such as seminars, tradeshows, exhibitions, etc. These are the special

events organised by the firms to attract the customers to their brands. The mega events offer

the platform for the companies to put forth an excellent show for their brand. It is an

opportunity to show the competence of one brand among the others. 


The conference articles include a set of gift articles that are used at the conference venue. It

includes a set consisting of a conference bag/folder, writing articles such as notepads and

pens, badges, etc. Of all these, the conference bags and folders are the most popular. is a popular collection of promotional articles including the conference

folders that are selected for the brand promotion activities. Here are the important reasons

for selecting the conference items for the brand promotion events.


Cost-effectiveness: The conference gifts are cheaper when compared to other articles of

similar category. The conference folders and bags are high-profile gifts and they are often

distributed in mass. Thus they should be able to meet the standards set for the high-profile

customers, and at the same time they should be affordable. 


Greater Promotional Value: This is another important reason for the popularity of

promotional products such as conference folders. The conference bags and folders offer

great utility to the customers and therefore they have greater promotional value.


Larger Print Area: Among the few promotional products that offer bigger area for printing the

brand name on them, the conference gifts such as the conference folders or bags prove to

be the best to print the brand name elegantly.


The conference folders and bags are universal gifts. They can be used by any company, and

can be given to any type of customers without considering their class, age, gender, etc.


The conference articles are the best baits that can be used at the entrance of a tradeshow

venue or an exhibition centre.


They are available in different kinds of materials such as PVC, leather, foam, etc.


They are available in a number of features. There are conference folders that feature a

number of special utility pockets in them.


They have long-life compared to many other promotional articles.


The conference articles are available in a number of standard designs and therefore are

easy to choose from.


They are one of the most popular gift items, and therefore, they are available in all gift



While using them for your brand promotion events, please make sure that they are of the

best quality. If you wish to see a good collection of corporate gifts, please visit our website




10 Steps To Introduce Ethical Trading To Your Company

By: Francis Murphy


Do you want to start trading ethically but don't know where to begin. This article gives you 10

easy steps to help you on your way.


1. Create an ethical trading policy. Within any corporate structure this is no simple matter

especially in very large organisations that trade globally. It requires a commitment to change

that must start in the boardroom and be driven through the entire supply chain right down to

the point of sale.


2. Be aware that this is not just a case of sticking a logo onto your products. A company who

believes that all they need to do to trade ethically is pay a subscription for a logo that can be

printed on their headed paper and product packaging is doomed to failure.


3. Accept that costs may be incurred. It is an undisputable fact that is that the process does

incur extra costs especially in the initial stages. However this is the same as investment in

new equipment or machinery.


4. Don't expect this to take just a few days to implement. Depending upon the size of an

organisation the implementation can take anything from a few weeks to many months to

complete and will almost certainly need to be driven by a senior member of the management

team with full backing of the ultimate decision makers within the company.


5. Plan for some possible disruption in your supply chain. For example it may be the case

that a company currently purchases certain products based entirely upon the lowest price

offered in an on-line tender with no consideration given to the methods of manufacturing that

the winning supplier employs. Once the new policy is in place tenderers would have to first

demonstrate that their production plants comply with the new policy. It can take some weeks

to organise the necessary audits so this lead-time needs to be taken into consideration.


6. Involve the key company decision makers. You must make sure that the Board of

Directors fully support an ethical trading policy. A proper commitment cannot be taken lightly

as it can mean changes in the way that a procurement department operates.


7.Choose the right person to do the job and give them the authority to get on with it.

Whoever is going to be in charge of delivering this project must have access to and the

backing of the senior management team.


8. Give the instigator time and budget to do the job properly. They will need to have the time

to research the project, create an implementation plan and present the facts and figure to the

senior management. They will then have to hold a series of presentations to the entire

company explaining why the new policy is being adopted and how it will impact upon them.


9. Get the buy in from every person in the company. It is essential that everyone within the

organisation buys into why the new policy is being incorporated into the supply chain. Just

one weak link in the chain can cause the entire process to fail.


10. Get the right information to implement the new policy. At the outset is vital that the

person heading up the project learns as much as possible about the subject and whilst there

is not a massive number of sources available on the internet a good place to start would be

at the website of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI).


This is a relatively new subject and there are no set rules and regulations. However I hope

this article will give you some help in instigating an Ethical Trading Policy within your


3 Top Tips For Buyers Of Promotional Merchandise

By: Francis Murphy


Searching for promotional items ought to be a pleasurable experience. However the

selection of merchandise out there is massive so it can be a really difficult job. 

Ask yourself how many alternative sectors have a selection of items that may well include

goods as assorted as promotional bottled water as well as leather conference folders, not

many I would think. Then if you take into account corporate clothing or the less formal

promotional clothing you have goods that range from printed T-shirts to embroidered polo

shirts as well as everything in between. This article will give you a few tips to make sure you

find the right product from the right business gift supplier as quickly and as painlessly as



1. Make sure that you give yourself adequate time

Not allowing yourself plenty of time to buy your promotional merchandise is probably the

most common mistake which people make. Possibly 95% of all promotional merchandise

orders are personalised with a firm's logo or the particulars of an event therefore for that very

fact alone they are not out of the box products. They need to be branded therefore artwork

or designs definitely have to be organized as well as approved, in most cases print proofs

will have to be checked prior to the final run and only then can the real manufacturing

process proceed. You ought to allow enough time for these processes to be done without

panic or you may well end up in trouble..


2. Be clear as well as concise about what you want

Whilst the range of promotional gifts will be huge there will be certain criteria that will assist

you to trim down the options considerably. For instance if you are looking for promotional

items for a conference in Scotland in February you can be pretty sure that sunglasses and

printed T'shirts will not be required. Conversely an event on Barbados is not likely to

necessitate a range of woollen gloves. Therefore find out more about who will be getting the

items, how old they are, male or female, old or young as well as what the 

promotion is all about. The moment you have those details you could send them out to all

the promotional products manufacturers you know and see exactly what creative ideas that

they come back with


3. Take great care over the choice of supplier

There are as many criminals in the promotional items business

as there are within any other walk of life. Therefore before you jump into an arrangement

with any dealer check their qualifications carefully. By far the very best way to do that is to

go and visit them. Should they prevaricate about a visit run away quickly and do not look

back again. The world wide web has enabled one man bands operating from a garage in the

garden to appear like massive organisations with warehouses and in-house manufacturing.

Ask them if they belong to any business organizations such as the British Premium


Association for instance. If they don't then think very seriously about doing business with


4 Cost Effective Promotional Gifts To Increase Your Small Business Success

By: Liz Lagon


It is natural for small business owners to feel left out of hugely effective sales promotional

practices such as corporate gifting, that large business owners may be able to invest in, for

increasing their outreach to bigger markets. However, there are valuable promotional

merchandise for even small business owners that can bring in desired effects, like helping

them connect with their target audience, increasing public recall for their products or services

and also intrigue potential customers to make an enquiry.


It doesnt always have to be the most difficult and expensive techniques that work for

increasing business success. Sometimes it is easy and affordable ideas, like unique and

practical promotional gifts that can help get the company name around. 


This article is designed for all those who conduct business in their own community and have

to deal with the general public on a local level. Thus, this write up is geared for those dealing

directly with their customer base and looking to build it further by applying our recommended

effective promotional gifting ideas.


These 4 products are quite often overlooked, but are great sales support items for

generating business by creating an instant, regular connect when someone looks at them.


1.Promotional Writing Instruments You can find many pencil and pen manufacturers that will

offer you a wide range of writing instruments that can be personalised with your company

logo or message for effective business promotion. These include plastic, wooden, quality

encased metal pens and pencils. These can easily accommodate your business contact info

and different styles of printing for you to effectively market your sales pitch. If on a tight

budget, it is always better to invest in a small number of executive metal pens for gifting only

to key customers instead of buying cheap quality writing instruments that will not be used

and probably end up in the dustbin, negating your marketing efforts.


2.Refrigerator Magnets These are small but practical promotional gifts that don’t cost an arm

and a leg to buy in a large quantity. Get your logo printed on these custom-created magnets

that keep your company’s name foremost in the customers mind, as the fridge is no doubt a

frequent stop in every household. Print an interesting message or bright graphics on these

magnets in addition to your company’s details so these serve as business cards. 


3.Promotional Gift Mugs These are great for using at both the home as well as the office and

are huge favourites with many large businesses as well. That’s why promotional mugs with

personalised company message, logo and contact info are an inexpensive way to connect

with your customers and associates effectively. Since every individual is bound to take a tea

or coffee break sometime in the day, these can serve as excellent marketing tools when they

are used at these often social times and thus, your business gets introduced to the user as

well as any bystanders. 


4.Cute Logobugs You can also spend a little money on buying these cheap and cheerful

characters called Logobugs that are essentially cost-effective flag tags bearing the company

logo that are fluffy and have a stick-on feature beneath their feet, with cute eyes to draw

attention to the banner they carry along with your company info. A fun and inexpensive way

to increase your business success, these can be glued to any surface.

4 Things To Note When Buying Corporate Gifts On The Internet

By: Cheow Yu Yuan


Nowadays, almost everything can be bought on the Internet, including corporate gifts. No

matter if you want to buy just one gift for your beloved one or bulks of gifts for your

customers, you can now buy them from the Internet in the comfort of your bedroom.


The World Wide Web is so huge that it presents you with lots of choices to choose from. It is

way more competitive when compared to the physical corporate gift market, which proves to

be a good thing for you as a consumer. You will be able to get the best gifts with the best

price, provided you do your research. Before you buy from the Internet, there are 4 things

that you should take note of:


1.Take your time to browse around. Do not buy from the first website that you have visited.

Take your time to browse through the Internet so as to look for more choices. Search engine

is a great tool for you to locate forums and blogs, which will recommend good online

corporate gift merchants for you.


2.Compare prices. The price offered on the Internet is always cheaper than those offered by

the traditional physical merchants. Online merchants have lesser overheads to cover;

therefore they are able to pass on their savings to their customers. This makes the price for

online corporate gifts very competitive, which is good for you as a customer. Compare prices

with other websites and find the one which offers you the best price and support.


3.Check out the merchants. Before you buy from a particular merchant, make sure that he or

she is credible. Credibility is very important on the Internet, you will not want to not able to

find the merchant if there is any problem with the corporate gifts that you order. The website

should have the merchant contact number and company address. Make a phone call to

them and ensure that they are legitimate.


4.Look out for discount coupons. Sometimes, especially during festive periods, it is very

common to find online merchants offering discount coupons and promotions. Take this

opportunity to further increase your savings, by using the discount coupon on those already

low-priced gifts when compared to what physical merchants have offered.


Just remember that you are now able to save all the hassles that usually come with

corporate gift marketing. Just use your computer and access the Internet to search for the

best gifts for your customers.

5 Business Gifts For Software Companies

By: Gareth Parkin


There are various things that sets apart one organisation from the other. One of them is the

target audience that a company caters to. While some business target the elderly, other aim

at the youth. The target audience of one organisation could be the middle-income groups

while the other may target the elite section of the society. It is depending upon the needs

and preferences of these audience that an organisation take various decisions right from the

kind of product being manufactured to the channels of distribution. The kind of business gifts

that an organisation uses also depends upon the target audience that it caters to. If you are

a company that aims at software companies then the following business gifts could be a

great option.


Mouse mats. These wonderful promotional items have of late paved their way into the most

popular category of items. Although these mouse mats can be given to literally anyone, it is

the software companies where they hold most relevance. People working in software

companies are always engrossed on their computer for some or the reason. Considering the

time they spend on their computers, mouse mats can be a great way to keep them reminded

about you.


computer mice. The very word software brings to mind the picture of a computer. This is

because people working in software companies spend most of their time working on the

computer. Giving then promotional gifts that are related to the computer like computer mice

can well be a great idea. This fantastic business gift is available in a number of options that

range from fun filled liquid mouse computer mice to the simplistic titan optical computer mice.


USB flash drives. When it is about software companies, there is a lot of data that needs to

be stored. To serve this purpose of data storage, a promotional item like a USB flash drive

could also be a nice option. These wonderful products are going to help your software

company audience to store and retrieve information as and when they want to. Available in

several interesting shapes and colours, these wonderful business gifts are a great giveaway.


Mugs. Irrespective of the kind of company one works in, everyone likes to relax with a cup

of coffee. And people working in software companies are no exception. Even they like to

unwind over a hot cup of coffee. Giving them something like a promotional mug could well

be a great idea to ensure that you are also a part of that relaxing time.


CD holders and cases. If you have ever visited the office of a software company, you for

sure would have noticed the numerous CDs that lie at every desk. Business gifts such as CD

holders and cases can make for a great option for software companies. This wonderful

product is going to help the recipient track all his CDs and ensure that he/she never loses

out any of them.

5 Easy Ways Of Getting Your Merchandise Shipped On Time

By: Michel Disusa


Using promotional merchandises from various promotional merchandise companies have

become a great marketing strategy these days. Besides this, it has also become a great way

to make your presence felt in this highly competitive world.


The task of buying these merchandises can be very easy as well as very difficult, depending

upon the way you want to make it. But it is advised to opt for the best promotional

merchandise companies to find variety of gifts and avail the best services.


However, one area where even the best promotional merchandise companies can fail at

times is getting the merchandise delivered on time.


In this article, we will discuss about 5 easy steps that will help you to deliver the

merchandise to your clients and other business associates on time.


1 - Order your merchandise early

It is always better to order your merchandises right on time. This helps in avoiding any last

minute confusion or delays. It is understandable that you can forget about remembering the

important festive dates, but for that you can always set a reminder.


It is even advised to set a reminder up to 12 weeks early in order to get the best prices and

best deals.



2 - Choose the most apt colours and style fast

Do not waste much time in selecting the colours and styles. You just need to make sure that

the product chosen by you shouldn't offend anyone. For instance- Sending oranges instead

of apples is not a great idea. In short don't rush your selection, but saving time is an

excellent way of saving money.


3 - Don't forget to give proper delivery instructions

Shipping corporate merchandise to the wrong shipping address is one of the most common

mistakes that many make. Therefore it is very important to provide the right shipping

information attached with your gift in order to deliver it at the right place.


4 - Agree terms with your supplier

Delegating the process of shipping to your preferred supplier is not a problem, however if

you are choosing a new supplier, then it is important to make sure that they deliver your

products right on time.


5 - Give an extra few days

If possible give yourself and your supplier an extra few days. Leaving a few days spare can

avoid the things to go wrong. This way both you and your supplier will not have a burden of

getting the products delivered on time and they will not mess up things.


Apart from this, always make your shipping plans in advance only, to avoid any last minute

confusion. Ask your suppliers by what route your products are coming and check whether

the route is suitable or not.


With the above 5 ideas, you can ensure that your products will deliver at the right place just

on time.

5 Most Cost-effective Corporate Gifts

By: Douglas Gregory


Corporate gifts are highly effective for promoting your business and creating a positive and

impressive image of your brand in the minds of your customers. Corporate gifts should be

able to grab the attention of potential customers and at the same time be economical too.

Budget has always been an important factor in making any investment and it's true for

promotional items as well.


Cost-effective corporate gifts do not impose any stress on media budget that is allocated to a

certain amount at the beginning of a financial year. It also helps a business entity of any

financial standing purchase business gifts for the purpose of promoting their name and

services in the target market. If the promotional products are economical, it facilitates the

company to invest in bulk orders which can be easily distributed as giveaways at big

corporate events and trade fairs. This helps in addressing a larger audience range, resulting

in higher returns on investment.


There are five most cost-effective corporate gifts which should be considered while selecting

promotional products for marketing campaigns. These are promotional pens, promotional

keyrings, promotional caps, promotional lanyards, and promotional shirts.


Promotional Pens

Everyone loves a free pen, and by providing your customers and clients with a pen that

features your company name, logo, or message, you can be certain that they will remember

your brand clearly in their minds. Promotional pens are easy, efficient, and cost effective for

promoting your company and make great gifts for employees and customers.


Promotional Keyrings

Promotional keyrings are the perfect low cost, long-lasting, and efficient advertising options

for promoting your business brand. In today's economy of fast-paced marketing and

business promotion, these keyrings still remain one of the most favourite cost-effective

choices for advertisers who wish to broaden their brand appeal. Custom imprinted with your

brand logo, promotional keyrings can carry your advertising message far and wide. 


Promotional Caps

As a marketing tool, promotional caps are perfect corporate gifts which are budget friendly

and at the same time useful too. Promoting your business name through the use promotional

caps has become extremely popular as a brand promotion marketing strategy. Promotional

caps are used mostly in outdoor corporate events, or trade fairs, where they can be easily

distributed in bulk as giveaway gifts amongst masses. These caps are available in a variety

of designs and colours.


Promotional lanyards

Promotional lanyards are ideal for carrying your brand name, logo or message, and are

great giveaways for any promotional corporate event like trade shows, conferences or

seminars. Your company's promotional advertising, web page details, and contact number

can be easily imprinted on lanyards, thus making it clearly visible to current and potential

customers. Promotional lanyards are highly cost-effective. It can not break your budget even

if you opt for a fancy and stylish lanyard with your company's name and message on it.


Promotional Shirts

Custom printed shirts are economical and offer a bigger area for branding. For an impressive

and lasting representation of your company in corporate events like exhibitions, conferences,

and trade shows, featuring a wide range of promotional shirts is extremely useful.

Promotional shirts are available in a wide range of styles, finishes and colours, which can be

easily personalised as per your needs.


In today's economy, advertising costs can be very high. In order to avoid that, it is essential

for companies to look for economical marketing strategies to promote their brand. Therefore,

it is advisable to make investment in cost-effective promotional gift items to broaden the

image of your company in the target market.


The articles on this web site may be reproduced in whole or in part, provided that the

reproduction includes a notation of ownership to "Promotion Products Pty Ltd", plus a

crawlable link to or to the original article on this site.


5 Promotional Gifts That Are Perfect For Every Business Occasion

By: Gareth Parkin


All business owners focus on two most important aspects of a business, that are, to get new

customers and to retain them. A part of this process is marketing and advertising for both

new as well as existing customers. Distributing promotional gifts help in promoting the

company with a sense of creativity and uniqueness. There are different promotional items

that can effectively promote a business. The top 5 promotional gifts that are perfect for every

business occasion include:


1. Promotional umbrellas- For promoting a brand, the promotional items chosen should be

useful for the customers. Keeping in view this idea, promotional umbrellas fit easily as a

unique promotional item. These umbrellas are used all over the year and are continuously

visible to the customers. In addition to that, promotional umbrellas also provide a large

printing space, which may be used by the company to imprint its company details and the

products or services offered by it.

2. Promotional T-shirts- Within the vast choice of promotional items, promotional T-shirts can

prove to be a very effective marketing product. Many people like to wear this type of clothing,

and whenever they will wear the T-shirt gifted to the company, it will receive free

advertisement in a way.

3. Promotional Mugs- These are quite favourite among all other promotional gifts because of

their utility, uniqueness and style. They may be used at any house or office for drinking tea,

coffee or hot cocoa and will serve as a constant reminder for the company.

4. Promotional Pens- These are used by all on a daily basis in office or at home, all over the

world. Thus, this fact makes these promotional pens an important tool for marketing and

advertising a company. A vast majority of people and offices use pens every day, thus

distributing promotional pens can be a great idea. Handing out customised pens during a

trade fair or a corporate event is also a great idea because they are quite affordable for

larger number of recipients. Apart from traditional blue ink pens, the company may also opt

for highlighter pens, novelty pens, sketch pens or markers to create a sense of difference

and uniqueness.

5. Promotional keyrings- Choosing business gifts that are both portable and practical is a

wise thing to do. Promotional keyrings are one of the most practical things to be distributed

among the customers and clients. They are used every day and thus the customers get

repeated exposure of the company. Whether the users are locking up their house, unlocking

their car or unlocking their supply cabinet, they will again and again see the company name

printed on the keyring and will be constantly reminded about the company and the products

or services that it offers.


5 Promotional Steps To Reaching Your Local Audience

By: Christopher Reinhold


With globalization, the world has become a smaller place to live in. The market environment

nowadays has become heavily competitive in nature and there is cut throat competition in all

industries. There are hundreds of companies that are selling similar products. Therefore it

has become extremely important for every organization or company to rely on promotional

campaigns so as to gain brand recognition and create brand awareness.


To reach out to your local audience, you must follow the five steps that are given below


1- Using Promotional Products

Promotional products serve as a premium tool to escalate the client's brand awareness and

brand loyalty. They usually have a company's name or logo, and they include decorative and

useful articles of merchandise that by and far are utilized in various promotional and

marketing programs. Promotional products are also known as advertising specialties and

giveaways. There are various types of promotional products available in the market for

example mouse pads, coffee mugs, desk calendars, promotional apparel, automotive

accessories etc. or any other product that heralds your accomplishments. It is a very

interesting and useful way to help people remember you, and your brand.


2- Use a logo that is attractive and recognizable

You must try to design a logo that is unique and attractive, so that it distinguishes your brand

from the rest. Your brand logo should speak for itself. Linking a recognizable logo will create

an instantly recognizable image in the mind of the customer.


3- Use a slogan or message

Supporting your promotional or marketing campaign with a slogan or a message will solidify

your organization's name or brand in the minds of customers. You must try to link the slogan

or message to your company so as to make the maximum impact for the campaign. Once

you have a slogan, you can print some cheap flyers and spread knowledge of your brand.


4- Offer Freebies

It's a natural tendency of human beings to be attracted towards free gifts that are offered

with products. You must give some sort of free gift/s to your customers at regular intervals to

retain their loyalty towards your brand. You must ensure that your free gifts hit the mark, for

this purpose they should be carefully selected so as to achieve effectiveness and also

maximum impact. It's not necessary that these gifts should be expensive; its main purpose is

that they should be useful. Freebies need not be prodigal. 


These gifts enhance goodwill, it also promotes the company and its logo, build and maintain

relationships, increase the customers' loyalty, and the list goes on and on. In the modern era

these gifts are definitely a huge hit; they give you all the popularity that is needed by you to

open new business opportunities. These gifts have the power to shape the future of your



5- Associate Celebrities with you brands

Try engaging the local celebrities with your brand. Customers are attracted more towards a

product or brand when they see an actor, model, or their favorite sportsperson using that

particular product. Studies have revealed that appointing a popular celebrity as brand

ambassador of a company surely helps to boost the sales of the company.


5 Reasons For A Promotional Clothing Company To Consider Introducing An Ethical Trading


By: Francis Murphy


1.Your customers may be end users or part of a supply chain, regardless of which they may

insist that you show transparency in your purchasing and if you cannot prove that you trade

ethically they may well consider removing you from their suppliers list.


1. Pressure from their customers who may be the end users of a product or the next link in

their supply chain. More and more organisations that include some of the world's largest

organisations are driving Ethical Trading and transparency up and down their supply chains

by insisting that their suppliers not just trade ethically but can prove that they do so.


2. Regardless of size, most companies want to be seen as being leaders in their field of

commerce. Clients can clearly see that they are a considerate, progressive and worthy

company. Ethical trading offers the more forward thinking company the opportunity to shine

in a marketplace. There are so few companies who have a published ethical trading policy

that those who do will benefit.


3. Respect and consideration for those in their supply chain is essential for any procurement

team that are looking for a long term, beneficial partnership with their suppliers and end

users. Any procurement officer worth his salt will not want to save money by you utilising the

services of child slave labour or below cost of living wages. Good staff do not want to work

for a company that forces them to trade unethically. If you want the best staff then you must

ensure that your purchasing practises are ethical.


4. If a company wants to be sure that their competitive edge has not been eroded they need

to study what their competitors are doing. If one company in any sector is seen to be ahead

of the market in any area of business from marketing, product development or corporate

social responsibility then this makes them stand out from the crowd.


5. The dread of news articles about how their products are manufactured by slave labour or in

unsanitary conditions.


It does not matter why a company chooses to go down the ethical trading route, some do it

from a cynical necessity whilst others do it for more moral reasons, the fact is when you

trade ethically you will receive a very positive response from your clients.


The Ethical Trading Initiative and the Suppliers Ethical Data Exchange are two organisations

that can assist you in learning more about this subject. Both of these excellent organisations

will give you lots of assistance and details about how to take the next stage to trading


5 Suggestions On How Promotional Merchandise Can Help You Sell More Of Your Products

By: Francis Murphy


Promoting any business is expensive so you need to be sure that every penny you spend

brings you a good return on investment. This article gives you 5 great reasons why

Promotional Merchandise is a much better way to advertise your products or services than

more usual methods.


Magazine adverts are a good comparison to use, they sit quietly at the back of the

publication often never seeing the light of day. The amount of people seeing your

advertisement will depend entirely upon the circulation of the publication, then on the

number of those people who can be bothered to turn to the classified section at the back and

finally on those people who specifically, at that moment in time need or want the products or

services you provide. Once the magazine has been read by the purchaser it usually goes out

into the recycling box from where it and your very expensive advertisement heads for a

landfill site or an incinerator. Do the maths as they say, the results speak for themselves? So

from the perspective of bang per bucks it is hard to see how this is a great method of



1. Classified advertisements simply cannot give you the same coverage than a branded

promotional giveaway can.

Think of a simple product like a keyring, have you ever thought how many times you look at

the logo on your keyring, let's say you come in and out of the house on average 3 times a

day midweek and 5 times a day at the weekend, that's 25 times you take your keys in and

out of your pocket or bag. Now add how many times you get in and out of your car in a

week, add another 25 so that's at least 50 times a week or 2600 times a year that you are

reminded of whatever the logo on your keyring advertises, now compare that to your

classified advert that hangs around for a few days. I rest my case.


2. Promotional Giveaways help you make a connection with your client.

How often do you see large advertising billboards along the roadside and what connection

do you make with them? Now compare that to how many times you open your fridge door

and make sure you don't knock off the magnet holding the photo of your loved ones

precariously in place. Do you notice that the magnet was given to you by your local Pizza

Delivery service, almost certainly not, but when you next want a take away, where do you

find the number? Have you ever thought of running out of the house to find the billboard you

remembered 6 months ago? Of course you don't. You will get great results consistently if

you use a properly researched giveaway that a client can make good use of.


3. Giving away promotional merchandise leaves a lasting impression with your customers.

How many times have you been taken to lunch by a company or been offered a seat at a

sporting event or a round of golf somewhere. now think back 6-12 months, can you

remember instantly the name of the supplier who took you? It's surprising isn't it? Just look

around you now and see how many examples of Promotional Merchandise you can see and

on each one of them will be the name of the company that gave them to you!


4. You can create great goodwill with your clients through proper targeted Promotional


You would not consider giving a blind man a pair of binoculars as a Promotional Gift would

you? Yet you would be amazed at some of the items we have seen given away in the past.

One of my favourites was a very attractive pen, around 10,000 were given away at a

Liverpool v Everton soccer derby. The problem is that the Everton Team play in Blue, so the

fact they were great pens was irrelevant. No surprise then that after the match more than

half of them were found broken and in the gutter around Anfield. YOu will always impress a

client if, when you give them a gift, they can tell it has been thoughtfully chosen.


5. Spread your message throughout your client's organisation

The great thing about Promotional Items is that the more you buy the less expensive they

become. So when you give away products don't be mean with them and give them just to

the one department you deal with, spread them around. One competitor I know thought the

£10k he was doing with a customer was great, what he didn't know was that my company

was doing £150,000 more business with the same client but in a different region.


I hope you find a few of these tips useful and that they help to promote your business.


5 Top Tips For Buying Promotional Bottled Water

By: Francis Murphy


Our Top 5 tips for buying Promotional Bottled Water may cover some areas that you might

not have considered. Like all Promotional Items as long as you follow a few simple rules all

will be well.


1. Give yourself and your Promotional Merchandise Supplier enough time to deliver.

Bottled promotional water does not sit on a shelf like a printed pen or a T-shirt, it takes time

to produce and deliver so you must plan ahead. The second most common reason for late

deliveries is caused by dishonest suppliers who are happy to risk your reputation by making

promises they may not be ab le to fulfil. Clients can be excused leaving things to the last

minute because they often have last minute requirements thrust upon them. However the

second reason is unforgivable and should you ever come across such a Promotional

Merchandise supplier then I suggest you get rid of them fast before they cause you to have a

heart attack or get the sack.


If you don't agree proper time-lines for artwork, production and delivery your Promotional

Bottled Water supplier may well fail despite his best efforts.


2. Sparkling or Still Bottled Water, make the right choice?

It is very important to consider the options of both types of water and the choice is often

made for you. If the event is centred around young children or it involves a lot of travel or

movement then sparkling bottled water could be a disaster. Bottled sparkling water is very

volatile and the last thing you need at your event is exploding bottles of water with your logo

all over it. If you are unsure then always take the easy option and settle for the still version.


3. Prepare your artwork for the label

Artwork can be the easiest or the most difficult part of the order and once again the best way

to approach this task is for your Promotional Merchandise supplier to provide you with a

template of the label. Your art studio can then layout the design in the full knowledge that

there will be no problem with sizing or the placement of logos. Unlike flat promotional items

such as conference folders, plastic keyrings, or even printed T'shirts the cylindrical shape of

the bottle brings some visual challenges. The bottled water manufacturer should be able to

provide lots of examples of how your artwork will appear and it is essential that a full proof of

the label is shown to you before the main run is commenced.


4. Organize the delivery professionally

In many cases the final product will not be going to your office or warehouse but rather it will

be going direct to the event venue. Water, unlike printed pens or promotional clothing is very

heavy and therefore transporting it more than once is very expensive. It is essential that if

your event is in a hotel or exhibition Centre you make contact with the event organizer to be

sure that it is stored safely and securely before your arrival.


5. Whoever said "If you fail to plan then you plan to fail" could well have been a promotional

merchandise supplier. You must give yourself enough time to allow your supplier to organize

the production of the promotional bottled water, the printed label and the delivery. If you

don't you could find yourself and your clients very thirsty!


In conclusion there really is not much difference between buying most promotional items but

promotional bottled water does have a couple of areas where you need to pay a little more

attention. I hope that these areas have been covered off here and that when you next

purchase such an item this article will have been of some assistance.

5 Uses For The Promotional Brochure

By: Colleen Davis


Brochures must be carefully planned and designed to elicit a satisfactory response. Many

factors contribute to the layout, colour scheme, font choice, text, and images of the

promotional flyer or brochure, but how it will be used is especially important. The utilization

of the brochure is tied to the purpose, from which flows the entire design. The five brochure

uses below show how the design might differ with each use.


1. The direct mail brochure contains exclusive information about a product or service for a

specified mail list

. This brochure design is tailored to the recipients interests or needs.


2. Often companies place brochures in a brochure holder at strategic locations to reach

consumers already shopping for similar items. For instance, a customer standing in line at a

golf store would probably be interested in a brochure advertising the newest aerodynamic

golf balls. The header must clearly convey the message and pique interest.


3. Brochures can be used as a sales tool containing comprehensive specifics of the

merchandise or service. Sometimes these brochures will be oversized with detailed pictures

and vibrant fonts to accompany a sales pitch.


4. Some companies send promotional brochures in response to inquiries, in which case the

brochure would contain both the necessary information to answer common questions and

also an order form or clear direction on how to take the next step.


5. Brochures that are handed out at events such as an open house, business conventions,

or trade shows

can expand a client list. Often these brochures contain a form that the prospect can fill out

and mail back to the company.


A brochure could have more than one use, but must fulfil each purpose. When a company

decides on the use first, the rest of the design process flows much more easily.

A Branded Pen Is Not Just Mightier, But Also Cheaper Than An Advertisement

By: Swagmbs


The pen is mightier than the sword, now just add a twist! Your brand logo etched on

personalized pens can say and do more than expensive, usually boring and dull

advertisements. Corporate pens have an advantage over the traditional advertisements. You

can easily reach your target audience and promote your brand image with pens. 



A focused brand promotion strategy is effective when directed towards end users. It is the

reason why imprinted pens are the most effective promotional tool. They are inexpensive

compared to all other promotional items, and can be given as free gifts to customers.

Custom promotional pens are ideal giveaways for all occasions, and help you easily make

your mark everywhere. Business advertising pens are an inexpensive and novel way to

promote your brand and merchandise your products. Your brand visibility is assured

whenever the customer sees and uses the pen. Moreover, imprinted pens are easy to carry

and can be distributed in exhibitions and trade fairs as a part of brand promotion. 



Custom promotional pens are available in a wide range of colors, shapes, sizes. These

corporate pens can be customized with your brand logo, company name, and even your

contact details. These imprinted pens make ideal gifts for clients, retailers, dealers, and

customers. Unlike advertisements, personalized pens effectively convey the idea that how

much you value them, which in turn boost your brand image. 



SwagHound offers you a range of business advertising pens to meet your brand promotion

needs. Promote your brand with the stylish, chrome-finished Fashion Ballpoint Pen with

Comfort Grip available in silver, dark blue, black, red, and green colours. These personalized

pens come with an imprint area: 2 x 2/5 inches. Go eco-friendly recyclable clicker pen. It has

a brown cardboard barrel with bamboo clip and green or black trim having an imprint area of

1 5/8 x 7/8 inches (W x H). You can also choose from retractable and plastic pens, which

can be customized based on your promotional needs. Manage your marketing budget

without compromising the effectiveness with business advertising pens.

A Business Card Or Something Better

By: Kris Ann


Most business owners and business people use business cards

to pass out information. This has been the accepted form of communicating rudimentary info

between business people for ages. The problem with this is the fact that it is a paper

product. It is easy to lose and damage these small cards. You have to be careful when you

get a new business card from someone because they are small and fragile. if you stick it in

you pocket it will likely get washed or lost. Most folks are not that careful. Fliers that you use

for your business can end up the same way. When people lose your information they are

unable to find you for future business.


A simple idea to do a little something different about this is making your business cards out

of magnets. When someone gets a magnet they normally will stick it on something metal. It

is so easy to save something like this by putting it on the fridge or metal shelves or even file

cabinets. You don't have to worry that it will be lost or damaged because it is a sturdy thing.

You don't have to use a great big piece of magnet, just have it made like your last set of

business cards.


You can help people keep your business contact info with using magnets and other small

promotional items. These other things are nice because they won't disintegrate like cards or

other things constructed of paper. A magnet is nice because it can be made to look just like

a typical business card. If your not concerned about that then you can use any small carry-

able object. There are a whole bunch of small promotional items available.


It will take a commitment on their behalf to toss this item into the trash, because it is not

biodegradable and that means people will think harder before tossing a promotional item in

the trash. 


If you are going to an office and want to leave something instead of a card, you could use

some office supplies. People need many things on a daily basis and if you give them

something useful they will see it often.


A Corporate Gift That Says More Than Words Could Ever Say

By: Osian Brando


In the recent corporate environment where the issue of a rewarding system has been the

commonly debated topic, corporate gifting has become the latest trend to crop up in the

corporate world. These corporate companies present unique corporate gifts to clients,

employees and business associates. 

During corporate parties or conferences, clients or business associates are sometimes

invited to celebrate the company’s recent success or maybe an organization can arrange a

party with its employees to appreciate their hard work and perseverance. Corporate gifting

has become quite popular and recognized in private sector since they act as a successful

tool for doing business promotions. 

It helps in fulfilling the role of the goodwill ambassador for a company. When a company

presents unique corporate gifts to its clients or business associates, they not only present

well designed products but also show their taste for perfection. Here are examples of unique

Corporate Gifts 

That can be given out; Silver or Gold Fortune cookie which is designed to tell the company’s

corporate fortune. 

It usually has hinged backings with a personalized message inside each one. Another

unique gift that can be presented to the clients is a classic dollar paper weight that will show

your employees and clients a fabulous corporate gift that has meaning i.e. knowledge is

power and many more gifts. But when a company presents cheap corporate gifts to its

clients, their image is being tainted. 

The clients might feel disappointed since they believe that everybody can afford the cheap

gift. Another great idea is the issuing of gift items which have the corporate logo imprinted

onto them. It is a great way to reinforce the company’s brand and make clients, customers

and employees feel appreciated. 

Corporate logo gift is also a better way of marketing the company since most employees

always love to have products with their companies logo imprinted on them for example; a

cup with a company logo. The corporate gift ideas are always on demand since there are

always corporate events carried out where these gifts can be given out. 

It is important to know the importance of the event being celebrated so as to attract the

clients and make them have a repeat business by offering them personalized and unique

gifts so that those clients will always want to know where you got the gifts. 

During holiday seasons such as Labor Day, Christmas holiday, Easter holidays or New

Years parties, the company should present to its client, employees or business associate

holiday corporate gifts, by doing this the employees and other clients will feel that they are

also part of the company and this will motivate them and make them to be more loyal

customers and workers of the company. 

Example of Holiday corporate gifts that can be given out are; Glitter snowflake ornament

because it is believed that all is glitter around the holidays, a Holiday tree Snow Globe Bottle

Stopper which will wow all your employees. This is a clever gift to give to all your corporate

contacts with a nice holiday wish for all.

A Good Source For Corporate Gifts

By: Osian Brando


You can get the best services for the fun corporate gifts, imprinted promotional gifts and

corporate gifts online. The various products that are offered by such websites can be avail

through such manufactures that also indicated their services online. The promotional

products are also of the eco- friendly and prices. The one of the largest web place for

purchasing these products comes in varieties and you can the one you like. 


There are more than thousands of gifts item related to the fun corporate gifts, imprinted

promotional gifts and corporate gifts online. if you had been the authorized customers for this

place, they precisely ask you to have you a offer code that makes you enable to purchase

some gifts next time and get the offer and discounts for the products that you are going to

buy. You can also cancel the order that you have been place due to any certain

circumstances that are listed into the website. You can see the details as well of the

websites for such Corporate Gifts information. They will charge you with a little shipping

payment for the regular products alike fun corporate gifts, imprinted promotional gifts and

corporate gifts online. 


These corporate products are also like available even when you have ordered and not there

to receive, it’s their duty to deliverer the ordered that has been booked. 

Also, you can look up for the best promotion that they are offering for some products with the

especial discounts and valid offers. You can give a surprise and also a promotion for the fun

corporate gifts, imprinted promotional gifts and corporate gifts online that has to deliver to a

prescribed place where you want to send them to. Also, you can find some products that

where they are manufactured at and the choices are open there for you.

A Guide To Printing Four Colours Process Imagery Onto Promotional Products

By: Steve B Barnes


The Problem with Four Colour Process Designs


Historically four colour process designs with tints and shades have caused problems for

marketing departments and promotional product suppliers alike. In the past there were few

items that could be successfully branded with such a complicated design. The simplification

of the design to a single colour print version was generally not desired and if it had to be

produced as a single colour, it generally reduced the visual impact of the promotional



One other consideration previously has been the origination costs on four colour printing.

Generally these were considerably higher than standard screen printing and this was a bug

bear. If screens were charged per colour, this can increase the overall cost of the item by at

least 100 if not more. With modern printing methods such as transfer printing and dye

sublimation printing, if there are origination costs then they are much cheaper than

previously and more in line with screen printing origination costs.


The Current Options on Four Colour Process Products


There is now a fabulous selection of promotional products, promotional awards and

promotional clothing that can have the most complicated four colour printing on. There has

been a great deal of investment by the industry’s factories to ensure that the print quality is of

the highest standard. Dye sublimation printing is available on a range of promotional

products which is a print method that involves transferring the print onto the product via a

heat application process.


Top Selling Promotional Items to consider if you have a four colour process design


With the improvements in the printing methods many more items can be printed with bright

and colourful four colour process designs. The most popular would be promotional pens and

promotional mugs which are two of the industry’s best selling merchandise items, but

promotional clothing and promotional bags can both be personalised with a four colour

process transfer. USB sticks can now be printed with these detailed designs and staying with

the technology market, a range of Skins for your mobile phones, laptops and gaming

consoles are now available. What are skins?? Essentially skins are like stickers but so much

more (and better!).They are made of top quality adhesive vinyl material made by those

clever people at 3M (who make post it notes) which stick on easily to your device. Each skin

is cut to fit the exact contours of the specific device so they look like they're part of it. They

also peel off easily without leaving any mess behind. We have skins for a whole range of

popular devices. These skins are produced on 3M Controltac Plus graphic film which is a

100 micron white vinyl material with 'Comply Performance' adhesive. So what does that all

mean? Well, Controltac films have a pressure activated adhesive which allows you to

position and reposition the skin on your device when applied with light hand pressure. Then

when you are ready to fix the skin in place, applying firm pressure bonds the adhesive to the

device. Comply Performance Technology

adds a unique characteristic to the film adhesive that enables you to apply it faster with very

few air bubbles. These films have a network of microstructure air channels in the adhesive.

The channels allow air to escape laterally beneath the film. An air bubble trapped beneath

the film can be rubbed out easily. If you would like to see a skin, please visit:


Dye Sublimation Printed Products


Many fabric based promotional gifts can be printed via the dye sublimation method. This

includes promotional lanyards, promotional umbrellas as well as custom made promotional

clothing. By using these print methods, you can ensure that your product creates an

excellent impact, delivers your promotional or marketing message and increases the life

span of the item.


The Benefits of Four Colour Process Printing


The ability to print four-colour process imagery onto promotional products is a great bonus if

you are planning to use the products in conjunction with a printed advertising campaign. The

products could also be printed with the same design on packaging for a new retail based

food brand or product. The range of materials that this style of print can be printed onto

includes metals, ceramics, cloth, plastics and Polypropylene.


So, to conclude: be adventurous! Be bold! Be loud and be proud or your logo, design or

imagery! Think carefully about which promotional product can best support your marketing

campaign and carry your design.

A New Trend In Corporate Gifts

By: Kim Roddy


Gifting decisions are tough to make whether personal or for the corporate world. They

require considerable amount of time and effort in ascertaining the right gift for the right

person which suits the occasion as well. They can be effectively used for clients, business

colleagues and even staff members. 

The logo promotional products, marketing gifts and make great reputation that people will

use and definitely appreciate. There are the ranges of the various promo and logo based

products that can be sell for the promotional marketing. The sales marketing for these

products are seeing the top position in the next few years. Being a new concept in the

market, manufactures have launched their online stores for selling their best efforts for their

products. This is the best time to cash on this innovative idea. These gifts are specially

manufactured in accordance with the requirements like small business, home business or

trade purposes. 


You can get many unique and useful corporate business items to kick up your business and

to acknowledge people who have put in their efforts and interests to increase your business

and its profitability. Put yourself ahead of the competition when you giveaway promotional

business gifts. If you are looking for promotional products to promote your new brand or your

company, Memento Gifts have a wide range of different promotional items available a few

specimen are promotional pens, promotional bags, drink bottles, key rings and stress balls

etc. Promotional gifts are a great way of reminding your customers and potential customers

of your brand, and Memento Gifts are the useful in fully understanding of your marketing

strategy and your business goals. 

If you wish to further boost your sales, another way is to send promotional items out to

former customers. If you think that some of your clients had been regulars but have been

swayed by your competitors and have moved on, now is the time to send a friendly reminder

in the form of a free promotional item with your logo imprinted on the surface. This will give

them a nudge back.

A Primer On Packaging Promotional Products

By: Remy Lebeau


One way to further improve the impact of your promotional product is with the right

packaging. As with any other trade, presentation is the first step to making a sale. Package it

right and you can sell it to any market, do it wrong and disaster ensues.


Promotional products cannot always be personally distributed, as such it is important to find

the right way to deliver it to your client as effectively as if you handed it to them yourself.

Here are the top three ways to package your promotional products:


The Gift

It starts with a feeling of excitement and anticipation. Gift wrapping the item or placing it in a

beautiful gift box creates the impression that the giver has taken the trouble to conceal a

special item. Next, the recipient would feel honored. After all, what he or she received is a

gift and not a promotional item. Finally, your client would have a sense of appreciation for

your company. Gift recipient have a tendency to feel more valued than promotional products




In a typical direct mail campaign, companies get a response rate of 1.8 percent. One way to

double this figure is to send out dimensionals. According to Promotional Products

Association International, sales letters and brochures, when used in conjunction with

promotional products, can increase the response rate by as much as 2.7% . Meanwhile,

Baylor University research shows that dimensionals generate positive feedback from

recipients by as much as 80%.


While it may cost more than flat mailers, a three-dimensional direct mail has a better chance

of making a lasting impression on the recipient. The trick to a successful dimensionals

campaign is to find a promotional product that complements your sales pitch.


The Swag Bag

Give out your promotional giveaways in bulk through swag bags. This packaging method is

especially useful for big events like conventions and trade shows. You can achieve constant

and repeated brand reinforcement by imprinting the bag as well as all promotional items



One last tip about packaging, you must remember that while the aesthetics count,

functionality should still be your major consideration. A beautiful package means nothing if it

won't hold up during the distribution process.

A Reliable Marketing Company Providing Quality Service

By: David wenger

Advertising and marketing are now supposed to be the ultimate business strategies of any

business house. One cannot ignore the importance of business gifts and imprinted

promotional gifts for launching a new product or even a company. In fact, many business

houses have made it to the top by choosing the right promotional products. Business

professionals are now aware of the fact that promotional products yield better results than

conventional advertisements. This undoubtedly leads to higher return on investment. In fact,

branded promotional products are the most cost-effective method of popularizing a particular

brand name among the targeted group.


A businessman distributes his promotional products among his clients and workers. It cannot

be denied that business gifts are more advantageous than other methods of promoting a

certain brand. There can be different kinds of promotional products such as pens, stress

toys, sticky notes, so on and so forth. It ought to be remembered that the sole purpose of

promotional products are to increase the visibility of a particular brand name among

prospective clients. One can choose his particular promotional products from the range of

business gifts available online. Imprinted promotional gifts are customized and intend to

increase the utility of the particular brand.


While selecting promotional products, one must keep in mind that the business gift must be

useful to the target group and they should not also exceed the affordable budget of the

concerned company. Depending on your budget, you can further choose better variety of

promotional products for selected customers. Apparel, accessories, electronic equipments,

holiday packages make for attractive imprinted promotional gifts. With the passage of time,

promotional products have proved their proficiency in promoting brand names. The idea is to

reach out to more and more people. 

There are specialized business houses that do this kind of work. Corporate houses get in

touch with such skilled firms that specialize in the application of latest business and

marketing techniques. Promotional products help businesses climb up the success ladder

within a short period.

A Stairway To Inevitable Success For Your Business Using Promotional Items

By: Brandon Lucas

People often ponder upon the necessity of promotional items in marketing campaigns.

These items actually have the ability to boost a company’s popularity and have a positive

effect towards the maximization of profits. It is a great way of extending your appreciation to

customers and business associates, thus enabling you to earn a lot of good will and churn in

loyal customers.


Promotional items can also be given to new customers to show your gratitude. The product

does not have to be expensive as its purpose is only to ensure that your new client does not

stray or get attracted towards rival companies. However these products must be of good

quality so as to retain the reputation of your company. Quality plays a big role while

distributing such products. You cannot afford to have a problem with the quality of an item

which is to be distributed, especially with new customers.


Promotional Items consists items such as pens, crystal ware, watches, folders, laptop bags,

mugs, caps and t-shirts. These items can be distributed on occasions such as business

conventions and meetings. The most practical item of all these products is a pen. People

tend to use pens all the time, whether they carry one, strew one on their desk or place one

on a pen holder. A day does not go when people don't use a pen. Pens are cheap and you

can get a good quality pen for a very reasonable price, therefore, minimizing expenditure on

this item. The use of promotional pens as promotional products is an excellent idea for a

business owner. Customers and clients would definitely appreciate the thought that went

behind getting the pens personalized and given out as gifts. They will certainly consider the

effort put in to customize these pens which will reflect the personality of the business owner.


The importance of promotional items is vital for any business to grow. Though

advertisements play a big role in creating recognition of companies and it has been noticed

that Promotional Items are even more effective in marketing endeavours.

A Step By Step Guide To Using Promotional Merchandise

By: Kris Ann


Promotional merchandise is one of the most lighthearted methods of advertising that you will

use. If will get info out about your company as well as generate interest. All done in a fun

way too. If you have never done this before then you could use some straightforward

guidance just to get started.


You will need to think about what to print on the products. It will set the tone for how people

feel about the items, especially if you have text. If you are unsure about what to put on them,

you can just use your logo and some corresponding, or matching colors. You will find that

eventually you want to put some cool designs or sayings on your products, depending on the

size of the item.


Now it is time to go shopping! Decide what type of promotional items will best suit your

advertising objectives. If you are targeting other businesses and office workers, consider

mouse pads, pen holders, paper weights, etc.. If you are looking to attract customers to your

pub or restaurant, consider baseball caps, shirts, and other casual items that can also serve

as "wearable advertising". The list of promotional items is long and the prices vary greatly so

you should be able to find an item to meet your needs.


You will want to have a good company to deal with, so picking out the vendor that you want

to do business with should be done carefully. You should check all of their rules that they

have in regards to returns and quality assurance. You want to know exactly what you are

getting into before you try to build a relationship with a company.


You will then have the opportunity to give these items to all sorts of people. This is fun and

you can do it however you like. You can get a table at some big industry events. You could

get a small area at some local fairs too, just to meet the neighbors. There is even the option

of simply handing things to customers and clients as you see them. Whatever you do, you

will be getting these products out into the world for all to see with your logo and business info

right there in view.


A Sweet Little Promotional Enticement

By: Kris Ann


If you have just totally run out of idea for the promotional advertising that you should do next

then you need to look around some more. You can look at what other people are doing and

try and work it out for yourself for one idea. Or you can just take a look at what your

promotional product company has to offer. There are so many things to look at that while

you are going through it all you will probably get a whole bunch of new ideas.


Candy is something that can really work for your business. Especially mints, because

although many people don't eat candy, most will eat a mint. There are different methods of

giving people promotional sweets and you need to pick the one that will work the best for

you. Giving customers something sweet to put in their mouth is a great way to give them a



Promotional chocolates are always nice. You can have some small bars that are wrapped in

paper that has your business logo on one side and a nice fat coupon on the other. That

would give them a reason to keep the wrapper and your business information.


You can use suckers or lollipops in the same way. These however can be made with images

and text right on the candy. That is pretty fun. You can make these into shapes as well. If

your logo has a particular simple shape then you could do a nice logo lollipop. You could go

all out and have a promotional cookie cutter made and then make cookies in the shape of

your logo.


Mints are good. Mints in promotional tins probably have the biggest impact of all. You can

use a variety of metal tins for this and have it printed or decorated in any way that you want.

These are special because if you use a tiny nicely printed container it will be kept and refilled

by people. Convenient and attractive packaging is helpful in this regard. People do like to

keep mints on their person and you can use a small metal container for this purpose.

A Sweet Suggestion For Your Next Promotional Merchandise Requirement

By: Francis Murphy


There was a time when chocolates were only used as promotional items at Easter. Over the

years Christmas was then seen as a time to also give these great business gifts away. Now

it seems that anytime of year is OK for confectionery to be used as a form of promotional

merchandise. This article explains what is currently available and how trends have changed

over the past ten years.


The sales of chocolate have not been helped by the rise in obesity. However this is very

unfair as it is well known that everything in moderation is a good thing. Advertising to

children is now frowned upon and this has not helped sales either. It should be said however

that rewarding a good piece of work or a kind deed with a small piece of chocolate is hardly

a crime.


This year because of the worldwide recession sales have been good because people tend to

go for comfort food in times of trouble. And what can be more comforting than a nice slab of

chocolate. In the UK, the largest manufacture of chocolate is Cadbury and their sales have

been extremely strong throughout all the financial woes of the country.


From a promotional merchandise perspective Advent calendars continue to be extremely

popular however they are obviously limited in their time frame. Although it must be said that

more and more companies are using the window reveal system all year round. They work

extremely well especially when prize numbers need to be revealed. You almost always

expect to be given free promotional chocolate mints at the end of a meal these days,

especially in Indian or Chinese restaurants. It is common to return to your hotel room at night

time to find a small square complimentary chocolate on your pillow. There are many more

examples of how chocolates are used as business gifts or promotional items and probably

the very best of the crop is the quintessential Belgian chocolates.


Hand made Belgian chocolates are the Rolls Royce of their world. The work that goes into

shaping and styling these chocolates make them mini pieces of art. You can find them in all

types of chocolate including plain, milk and even sugar free. The skill used in the production

of these items is immense. When they are presented in beautiful boxes they really do make

superb business gifts.


Complimentary products such as champagne is now very popular. You can find lots of

examples of presentation cases containing Belgian chocolates alongside any number of

alcoholic beverages. Other items such as children's toys or valentine items are also very

popular. Whatever type of chocolate you choose to give away please try to remember that is

always better to give away a few really good chocolates rather then lots of cheaper ones.

A Very Cheap Corporate Gift

By: Osian Brando


The unique corporate gifts, cheap corporate gifts, corporate logo gifts and holiday corporate

gifts are offered by the many of the companies that are serving in this field. You can also

purchase them by being online. These fabulous gifts are the products that can also be avail

to your or some bodies doorsteps. These products are manufactured by the various

companies across the globe and they are serving their products services for the various

countries and also they are looking for the spread it to the rest of the world, where they have

not put a landmark. 


The unique corporate gifts, cheap corporate gifts, corporate logo gifts and holiday corporate

gifts are the products has an idea behind there company logo, company name and also with

the other information Corporate Gifts that they are providing. They always said that they are

looking for the customer benefits and also looking to give them very satisfactory job, you

may think about the customer base and also look forward to promote the products available

with your companies like unique corporate gifts, cheap corporate gifts, corporate logo gifts

and holiday corporate gifts. You are also need to be sure that you are not spending time too

much money for such corporate gifts products. 


This is the name that is going to out there in the hands and eyes of your customers. Most of

the corporate products that are come with a large satisfaction guarantees can be availed by

the websites of these companies. If you want to have good quality corporate products that

people will use, enjoy the products and also remember you for a long time. The good service

for the products that are launched for unique corporate gifts, cheap corporate gifts, corporate

logo gifts and holiday corporate gifts are valuable and ready to give you satisfaction that

never sees the end.

Accelerate Your Business With Promotional Products

By: Kevin JSmith

Marketing methodology utilizing promotional products has been around for quite a while

now. Many organizations have utilized this form of advertising to enhance their standing in

the market. Promotional products offer a cheap as well as a very effective form of marketing

method. It doesn’t matter whether a company wants to boost the morale of its employees or it

wants to thank the existing customers or as in many cases it wants to attract new customers

to its fold, promotional products are always a safer bet than the other forms of marketing



Now a day with the advent of internet in our everyday lives, choosing a promotional product

for your company is not at all a difficult task. There are many companies on the net that can

help you in choosing the promotional product for your company. The experts of these

companies can very easily assist you in selecting a promotional product for your company

that suits the agenda and the ideology of your organization. The brand image that you want

to create about your product or services can be properly and repeatedly created with the

help of these experts. There is so much competition in the market now days that generating

awareness about your product and sustaining it for a considerable amount of time requires a

concerted effort. The promotional products are a big help in such scenarios. 


In many a cases the companies want to celebrate an occasion or simply want to thank their

employees for their contribution to the company. Promotional products are a big help in such

a situation as well.


Achieve Landmark Achievements With Promotional Gifts

By: Gareth Parkin


Every organisation seeks to make their presence felt on the corporate world. It is only the

route that an organisation takes to success that differs from one company to another. While

some retort to using smart and shrewd marketing techniques, others seek help of extensive

corporate advertising. However, none of these formulas assure guaranteed success. They

might or might not work depending upon the way you put them to use and the kind of

audience that you cater to. But, there is one thing that is going to work for your organisation

for sure and that is promotional gifts. With these wonderful items at your aid, you can

definitely aim it as high as you want to.


Promotional gifts account for great business tools and can help a business achieve landmark

achievements. These achievements could be anything from reaching a never achieved

before sales figure to coming up with a promotional campaign that is literally one of its own

kinds. With these promotional gifts working for your organisation, you can go ahead to climb

the higher steps of the success ladder and make your place right at the top. These fabulous

promotional items are going to help you set a benchmark for other organisations and ask

them to follow suite.


You can aim it as big as you want to, when you have these ardent promotional gifts working

for your organisation. Promotional gifts are the absolute business tool and prove to be of

great aid in accomplishing each and every goal of your organisation. Their useful nature

ensures that you hit the bulls eye each time. Their utility serves as their biggest asset and

can help you in every possible way. All thank to its utility, Promotional gifts can woo potential

customers and get them hooked to your brand enabling you to crack all other sales records.

They can even go at length in strengthening your business relationships and strengthen your

foothold in the market like no other. For their extremely humble and modest nature,

promotional gifts can also add to the goodwill of your organisation and make you the most

respected brand name on the block. The list of the landmark achievements that you can

achieve via these promotional gifts just doesn’t end.

All thanks to their utterly simple and humble nature, promotional gifts can help you to

establish benchmarks that are uniquely your very own. So, what are you still waiting for?

Dont you want people to talk about your organisation with great respect and revere? Go

ahead and pick these promotional gifts today and achieve landmark achievements. All you

need to do is, just log on to and there is just no looking back then.

Achieve Your Goal With Promotional Products

By: Nancy Walsh


Promotional products are the way to optimize your business. With the help of promotional

products one can be present in the market anytime. They are the tools of maintain the

market presence. With the help of promotional products you can achieve your goal.

Business growth depends on how your products or services popular among the people, this

popularity can be achieved by the distribution of promotional products. Business promotion

is the most essential for every businessman. They always with to see the business growth.

Every company needs recognition in the market and there are many kinds of marketing and


techniques which are used to achieve this purpose. One of the most effective and successful

technique of all time is distributing promotional products. One can get mass awareness with

the help of promotional products. Promotional products are the better way of marketing the

business. You can achieve the business growth by distributing promotional products. To

distribute promotional products are advantageous with a few reasons first is you can keep

happy your regular customers and loyal clients and second one is it is the token of

appreciation. These promotional products can also be distributed among new and potential

clients and customers to attract them towards your company and products. 


Conferences and business gatherings are the best place to distribute these promotional

products or promotional gifts as these promotional products can then lead to conversation

and that is why it is very important that you select nice promotional product representing

your company. One of the basic reasons behind these promotional gifts, where business

associates and clients are concerned is to display a thankful gesture towards the loyal and

clients and customers. Promotional gifts or corporate gifts are also very helpful in attracting

new clients and maintaining good public relations. Marketing and branding are very essential

tools for any business house and promotional products make that this policy is successfully

achieved. Promotional products are better way of brand endorsement. You can publicize

your brand with the help of promotional products. To distribute promotional products is now

become business etiquette in corporate world. Promotional products are the better

instruments to promote your business. Also make sure in selecting the corporate gifts or

promotional products, because it can better reflect your brand identity. Choose the better

promotional product company which have vast experience and can understand your

business and purpose of distributing promotional products. If you are looking for such a

company then there is one better option for you visit

Achieve Your Goals By Introducing Promotional Pens In Your Marketing Mix

By: Gareth Parkin


Use promotional pens in your marketing mix to promote and advertise your brand and to

achieve your goals. They are one of the best promotional gifts that can get you good amount

of publicity and would advertise your brand efficiently. They are one of the most useful

promotional items that can help you in creating brand awareness and is visible to everyone.

The company goals like achieving profits and maximising sales can be achieved by

introducing the promotional pens in your marketing mix.


The printed pens with your brand name imprinted on it can be a part of your advertising and

marketing campaigns. The company’s name and business logo is etched or imprinted on the

surface of the pen and then these printed pens are distributed or gifted to the target

consumers on different occasions. Such promotional products please the consumers and

create brand awareness. Since the promotional pens are useful products, it would be visible

to the target consumers and they would be reminded of the brand. Thus, these promotional

gifts help in brand retention also.


The promotional pens are available at very less price and are easily affordable by all. It

requires little investment while the return on those investments is quite magnified. You can

use them for your clients, consumers, suppliers, employees and other people associated

with the company so that they are pleased with it and are loyal to your brand.


There are different types of promotional pens available these days. you can pick the one as

per your brand image and your clients. Plastic pens and metal pens can serve as

promotional giveaways or promotional gifts for the target customers and can be used at

events like trade shows or exhibitions. They are economical, convenient and portable and

would be apt for promoting your brand. Alternatively the promotional pens can be used as

corporate gifts or business gifts for the clients and the business associates also. It is better

to use pen sets or branded pens for this particular section of people as this would help in

getting good business deals.


Thus, by using the promotional pens in your marketing mix, you can attract the target

consumers and clients to your organisation and increase the sales of your company.


For the best range and quality of promotional pens, log on to The UK

based website has a massive collection of stylish and attractive promotional pens that are

available at very reasonable prices and are affordable by all. The pens and other

promotional products are available through the online catalogue that allows you to browse

through the different products and choose the one that fits your requirement. The website

has more than 5000 different promotional products that can be a part of your marketing mix

and help in achieving your goals.

Acquire Promotional Gifts From Promotional Gifts Companies

By: Gareth Parkin


Promotional gifts are doing their rounds in brand advertisement for quite some times now. In

this wake, multitude of promotional gift companies have come to the fore. But would you rely

on any of these for communicating your brand message? You would stop a while to think

before uttering an answer. The reason being your ignorance about the guidelines that you

need to consider while acquiring promotional gifts from promotional gift companies. 


Check out the significant aspects that you need to watch out for before placing an order with

promotional gift suppliers Web outlet: 


The promotional gift companies that have their opening on the web are always better of than

promotional gift providers with only a physical outlet. The online window saves considerable

amount of time, energy and expense of the clients while they browse through the product

and service information on the web page than substantial market visit. Product options available:


The promotional gift companies that have in their collection of a diversity of products should

be high on your preference list. The wide range of option get the clients to pick promotional

products more accurately in context to their target audience and budgetary feasibility.


High quality products: 

Only promotional products that are supreme in their quality should be considered for brand

advertisement. Firstly, they must be excellent in their visual appeal because this is the

driving force that tows in the attention of the audience. Utility comes next which is the

audience retention factor. The next to follow i is the presentation of the branding components

which when enhanced increases brand visibility.


Customisation service: 

The provision for tailor-making promotional products is an essential feature that promotional

gift companies should provide. This enable clients to orient their promotional commodities

according to the requirements of their target audience as well as regulate their media



Discount facility:

If the promotional commodity suppliers offer discounted rates on bulk purchase of

promotional articles, they are the one you should approach. A small percentage saving on

every heavy quantity buying, ultimately amounts to a considerable saving that can be

engaged in buying more of such promotional articles.


These points should be borne in mind while you are heading to select certain promotional

gift company over the other. One of such promotional products supplier that shows all these

product benefits and value-laden services is It has in its consortium a

rich spectrum of promotional items that ranges from stress toys, keyrings & key chains,

pens, clothing & caps, mouse mats, games & puzzles, travel & accessories, paper products,

torches, umbrellas, desktop gifts, golf gifts, computer accessories, mugs & coasters,

calculators, fridge magnets, clocks & watches, bags, calendars & planners, mobile phone

holders, folders, confectioneries to recycled products.

Add A Personal Touch To Your Corporate Gifts

By: Eva Fonda

With a hundred and one businesses compensating out corporate ability these days, how do

you generate sure your gift is noticed and is given higher regard than the others?


Simple: Make it a conduct to give personalized Business gifts. There’s no more emotive or

conveying than accepting a gift that was denoted blatantly for you. There’s this extraordinary

latest approach of relative standing you accept afterwards you free-spoken a existing that

you recognise no afterward will be getting.


Your gift may not be extravagant, neither does it have to be imported. What’s noteworthy is

how your recipient affiliates afterwards he or she accepts it. Does she oooh and ahhh

through it? Or does she extracted it digression and recollects it rudimentally later? As a

giver, you like to recognise that your gift is accepted with much appreciation.


- Choose a memorable gift. The getaways and the end of the year are extraordinary

occasions: They signal a new life, a new slate, a new likelihood to engender part better.

Make it a conduct to give extraordinary, personalized Corporate ability to associates, family,

and account clients. You paying for determinations must be coordinated months in the past

the end of the year, so you can take your time to examine costs, personalizing selections,

colours, and materials. Find a sole gift that no afterward will duplicate. Nothing is more

gloomy for a recipient than to pinpoint himself on the accepting end of two population very

interchangeable gifts.


- Hand it personally. Make it a conduct to hand your personalized Executive ability to

account customers yourself alternatively of conveying these through a messenger. Not

rudimentally does this give your bond a more toughly dimension, but doing so will empower

your recipient to give thanks you personally.


- Add a toughly note. If you not able to dispense your ability confidentially, why don’t you add

a toughly note? Your people employed are more than just tags on your payroll, so why not

take the time to engender it a regular conduct to workmanship a personalized result for your

Company gifts?


- Make the gifts a special and memorable one for acquaintances, family, co-workers, and

account clients. Beyond talent, its the thought that counts.

Add Beauty And Grab Attention With Promotional Umbrellas

By: Kris Ann


Umbrellas are attention grabbers. They are so big, bright, and colourful that you can't help but

look at them as they pass you by on the street. From a the distance of a couple stories up

they are just blobs of colour bouncing along the street. They get used rain or shine and that is

one reason why promotional umbrellas are good for getting a message out. In areas of the

world where the sun is hot and intense they are another embellishment to your outfit. On a

stormy day they are simply very necessary to just stay dry.


If you are wondering how an umbrella could get advertising for you then just use your

imagination. They are large first of all. Even the smallest ones have a nice big area of open

space. This space can be used like a small, pretty walking billboard. When the weather is

hard to deal with you know that people will notice umbrellas. You have to give yours a good

design and don't be afraid of colour.


Remember to plan for the climate when you want your umbrella to be used. If you have a

long hot summer these will be really nice for sun shades for people walking down the street

or waiting on their transportation to arrive. It can get fainting hot in many places and shade

will be the only thing that gets a person through their wait. Of course for the wet season

anywhere these are really handy. Whichever season you want to focus this promotion on,

plan ahead so that you have them at the right time.


There are many sizes and styles of umbrellas to choose from. It depends on what you plan

on doing with them. If you are going to sponsor tables at outdoor fairs then you will want to

have some lovely beach umbrellas on hand for that. They will give sun protection as well as

a nice large advertising sign. You can have the small retractable umbrellas for giveaways at

these fairs or at tradeshows and conferences. They are not too costly and you know that

people will keep and use them.


Promotional products are a good way to get attention where you otherwise would not be able

too. Whether you have a hundred employees walking around town with your beautiful,

stunning umbrellas or you have managed to have some other nice product get seen all over

town, like a t-shirt, you are working toward better business. Spending your ad budget on

items rather than intangible advertising gives you something that will last rather than over

and forgotten so quickly.